About acquiring a visit visa for USA

Many people like to travel to the United States either as tourists or for meeting a near and dear one. If you are also amongst the people looking to travel to the US on a visit visa, then, here is what you should remember when applying for a visit visa for USA from your country.

Visit visas for the US are also known as non-immigrant visas and there are three categories in them, namely B-1,B-2 and B-1/B-2.

  • B-1(Business)

This type of visit visa is issued to those who are seeking to visit the US for the sake of a business related activity such as consulting with business associates.

This type or visit visa may also be used if an individual wishes to attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference in the United States of America.

Moreover, the B-1 visit visa type is also valid for use when settlement of an estate is required.

Furthermore, if negotiation of a contract is required, then this type of visit visa is good to go for this purpose too.

For any other kind of purpose other than these four, a B-1 type of visit visa may not be used; a different kind of visit visa is required for that purpose.


  • B-2 (Tourism and Visit)

The second type of visit visa which can be used by an applicant to travel to the US is the B-2 type which is valid for tourism and visit.

This type of visit visa applies if you want to travel to the US for the sake of tourism, for spending your vacation or holidays, for visiting friends or relatives or for medical treatment.

In addition, you need a B-2 type visit visa for the US if you plan to participate in fraternal events held by social, service or fraternal organizations anywhere in the United States.

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Moreover, if you are an amateur artist and you wish to participate in any amateur sporting or art or any other similar event being held in the US, you need a B-2 type visit visa provided that you are not being paid to participate in any such type of event.

The B-2 type of visit visa also applies if you have enrolled yourself in a short recreational course for the sake of enjoyment, a course which does not add any credits to the degree which you are enrolled in.

  • B-1/B-2 type visit visa

This is the third kind of visit visa which can be applied for by any individual intending to travel to the United States.

The only difference between this type and the other two types of visas is that it combines the features and conditions of both the B-1 type as well as the B-2 type of visas.

  • Application process for a visit visa to the US

There are two ways to apply for a visit visa to the US; one is to apply online, while the other is to collect forms from the US embassy and submit them after filling them out and attaching the relevant documents required along with.

Keep in mind however that the actual procedure may vary from one country to another, so, you must double-check on this for your own country.

  • Schedule for an interview

After completion of the paperwork required, the next step in the process is the scheduling of your interview by the relevant department in the US embassy.

Be advised however that an interview is generally not scheduled if you are 18 years or younger or 80 years or older. You are required to give an interview only if you are 14 to 79 years of age.