Aiming high for a full scholarship for Canada

Canada is home to one of the most renowned universities in the world, a fact that speaks volumes of why a high number of students are interested in studying on a scholarship for Canada. For the same reason, that is why a number of scholarships for Canada are available so that those prospective students who are unable to afford their course of study can take benefit from any of these scholarships.

  • Eligibility Criteria

One of the criterion that a prospective applicant has to satisfy is that he or she must have excellent academic results in the past. It is required of the applicants to have first class academic results on average in the past.

Also, the subject applicant must have had won scholarships in the past if he or she intends to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate scholarship for Canada.

Moreover, the type and duration of previous studies of the candidate should be relevant and similar to the degree that the candidate wishes to complete through award of a scholarship.

  • Personal Characteristics

The next benchmark which a candidate is required to fulfill is his excellent personal characteristics.

The first thing that he needs to have in this category is relevant work experience in the field that he is applying to, in case of post graduate scholarships, or internships in case of undergraduate scholarships.

Next, he needs to show instances of leadership in his education career such as in a sporting event or any academic exercise he has undertaken in the past.

Moreover, he needs to have management skills along with proof of experience such as having the experience of organizing any conferences, seminars workshops pertaining to an academic course he may have had undertaken in the past.

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Furthermore, he needs to show that he has excellent interpersonal skills such that he can communicate his viewpoint to the listener very effectively and concisely.

  • Application Process

The application process involves filling out the scholarship forms as advised in the instructions,taking care that the details are entered accurately and without any omissions or errors.

Proofread the entire application form before submission to make sure all the details are correct.

Also, you can apply online which is much more convenient than applying in paper but you mostly have both options on the table to undertake whichever suits you best.

You also have to attach relevant documents with your application such as your previous academic degrees, copies of which you will have to attach with your application to show proof of past academic records.

Your Resume will also be required to be added with your application which briefly summarizes your past and current merits and awards.

  • Visa

Once you are one with your forms and documents, the next step in the process is for you to wait for a decision on your scholarship.

If you indeed are given the green light and you are approved for a scholarship based study in Canada, you are then to proceed with applying for a student visa to Canada so you can travel to Canada.

For the visa too, you will have to fill out an application form and submit the relevant documents, many of which will be the ones that you submit for your scholarship application as well.

Then, you will have to go for an interview until you are finally informed of the decision of the immigration authorities about your visa application.

If you have submitted everything as required and you have had a good interview, you should stay back and relax because there are overwhelming chances that your visa will be approved.