Become a Commercial Pilot

Become a commercial pilot
Hi in this article we will explain you that how you can bright your future, being from road to a commercial pilot. Following are the important steps which you are fallows to be a professional commercial pilot.

1- To obtain a private pilot license certificate:
In our country there are three cities where the flying clubs exists, Karachi , Lahore and Peshawar.
So in our counter to apply a PPL( private pilot license ), you have a minimum degree of bachelors.
After that you must take an admission in ground training,then you have a sections of flying.
You need only 200 Flying hours to complete you PPL.

2- Normal and multi-engine rating:
After the PPL step now move forward to Normal Instrument scheme, In this Pilot allows to fly Under (IFR)
Rule in all kind of weather.On the other hand in multi-rating contains Vast types of aircraft.

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3- Obtain commercial pilot Certificate:
So this a most important step, In this step the PPL pilot will turn on CPL (commercial pilot license )
here the pilot will accrue more experience to fly on commercial plane and where the income starts.

4- Now to gain Experience:
After the CPL now the time is to gain the experience and fly as a co-pilot to enhance you flying Hours .
Once you achieve your desired flying hours ( Upto 2000).Now its the time to cut the cake now all the airlines are
Welcome you to apply as a commercial pilot of that airline .

5 -Apply For commercial pilot Job:
When you have upto 2000 Flying hours experience then all the airline are welcome you to
serve as commercial pilot for their airline.

Fee for commercial pilot license:

Admission fees = 30,000/-

Membership fees (8 months @ Rs.1000/-p.m) = 8,000/-

Insurance cover (July to June) = 5,000/-

Books, précis, maps, computer etc. (at actual) = 36,000/-

Tuition fee (8 months) = 30,000/-

Flying charges on C-150, 2 seater aircraft (40 hrs) = 560,000/-

Total = 669,000/-