What is Bitcoin and how it mined

What is Bitcoin:
Satoshi Nakamoto is a founder of bitcoin blocked chain cryptocurrency, and till now he is the biggest founder of cryptocurrency.In 2008 he publish a paper for the phenomena of cryptocurrency. Bitcoins work as pear to pear electronic cash system which can describe as pear to pear network solution. This all can work mathematically.Bitcoin is same like a money, but bitcoins is that money which is virtual and used on internet.Like wise a government decides it that when it will distribute money,but in bitcoins there is no Central government involve, Actually bitcoin is cryptocurrency and is more secure then other Physical currency.Its a trading. Now a days Bitcoins are famous all over the world, people used to do mining to extract the bitcoins even it buys from the consultants.

How bitcoins extract:
Bitcoins are extract from different ways, that phenomena is called as bitcoins mining,and the mined unites called as BLOCKS.Its depends upon your mining that how much you earn a bitcoin, In international market the price of mined bitcoin in Us Dollars are $15550.01(US Dollar).And it will goes higher and higher,you only need to mined a bitcoin is that you have a best hardware computer
Then you can start mining.In this process your computer will solve the mathematical problems.After solving it in time the bit coins occurs and then your PC will mine it you get rewards in your virtual back link bitcoin account, It will may harder with the passage of time because the mathematical problems are going to higher and difficult place,So in future you may need a super computer to mined a single bitcoin.That blocks are mined depends upon your computer hardware. As a guess that every 2nd weak 2016 blocks are mined.In early stages its very simple to mined a bitcoin,Because the mathematical puzzle was simple,but with the passage of time it will harder and harder.

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How you buy a bitcoin:
you can also buy a bitcoins online from your credit card, via bank transfer.it is not necessary that you can buy a full bitcoin, you can buy a partial of bitcoin like 0.01% of 1 bitcoin.and you can also do trading to get more bitcoins money.moreover you can do shopping
from that purchased bitcoins.

Transfer Bitcoins to account:
you can transfer you mined bitcoins in your own bank account or you can easily transfer via (Easy Payments PKR: This pair have Easypaisa – Timepay – Mobicash – UBL Omni – Upaisa services and their accounts.)It will done in 10 minutes,be kept in mind that bitcoins increases its value day by day because mining are harder day by day,So its an advice that if you mined are purchased a bitcoin then wait for it,Defiantly it will go higher and higher you can simply check on Google ,when you have the maximum gain then you sell you mined or purchased bitcoin in just 3 step.

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