Build a solar panel system for your home

As we all know that ,there is a lot of energy crises in all over the world, but the most important among all the problems is the crises of electricity which is the essential part of life after food , water and air.From now onward we have to think about there criers ,by this thinking we are able to safe our energy crises in our country and hopefully our pocket too.
An Efficient Solar panel system is the life time solution of our electricity consumption and its only one time investment and give results to us lifetime.Form first the Solar panels and solar cells are much more expensive in the markets but now its so cheap and available in market, even you can buy it in use forms.For all this we needs the following equipments.

1- Solar cells or the Solar panels.
2- A tool Kit ( contain all the tools including drills machine )
3- A big wooden board (Depending upon the size you want for panel )
4- Wires
5- Batteries ( if you want backup)
6- Inverter ( that convert DC to AC )

Procedure :

1- Solar cells or Solar panel :
As we all know that there are lot of ways to purchase cheap solar cells or complete solar panels form the market , all the solar cells work either its Chinese or Japanese both works equally .So select the cheap solar cell,or if you find the used one then its perfect too because its reduce you cost ( Used panels will available on Ebay ),But if you have an American solar cells its working and efficiency is good among all others.

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A tool Kit :
Now when you buy a solar cell or used solar panel, be kept in mind that solar cells are very thin plates,Do a lot of care while you are unpacking them. Now the step is that measure the watts of that solar cells . Now you all need small tools like drill machine, solders (soldering the wires ),solder paste or the flux which help in removing the grease off the wires which are use in solar cells .

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A wooden Block :
Now here is the place where you need your full attention because now its time to make a locally solar panel with solar paste the solar cells in the wooden card-board and arrange all the wires and solder it make 2 out put wires, if you have number of solar cells then connect all the solar cells in series .

4- A wiring phase:
Till now you have a strong solar panel in your hand, now its important to know that how you solder all the solar cells.its terminology is the same like batteries that positive of the first with the negative of the last. So here we take the positive of first solar cell with the negative of the second solar cell, then negative of second with the positive of third solar cell and sooo on …But Keep in mind that all the solar cells are must be in series . You need only 12v to 24v to charge the batteries . Keep in mind that you only collect 12-24v only with the help of solar cells.that 12v or 24v will give you the exact power of 110/220v .

5- Congratulation You Done it:
Now you have a solar panel in you hand just go outside in sun and placed it in that location where the sun directly hits the solar panel,buy doing this you get more effective results, calculate the result by ammeter. (AWE at 12V means 9 amps) . So its the DC current you have its only charge you batters. Now if you directly use this energy to your useful work then add and inverter to it which converts you this DC voltage to AC voltage .