Build you own homemade Solar Panel Air conditioner

From now a days Solar is most efficient energy transmitter in the whole universe, 20% of the electricity are obtain from solar panels for the use of Air conditioner, now the trends changes and people use sun lights to their useful works, As we all know that there are a lot of energy crises especially in the field of electricity. So here is the cheapest way to built your own air conditioner in your house ,you need the following materials for this ,which are as follows.

Plastic Tubing
Cable ties
Cooling fan
Solar Panel
Copper tubing
Circulation Pump
Evaporative Cooler
Drill Machine

Get All the above products from your nearest hardware store or buy it online which cost not more then $150 except the solar panel ,The solar panels are of different categories if you build a higher range of AC then you need to install more solar panels to run the equipment.

Build your Ground Sourcing Cooling Fan
First of all select a suitable place outside the house , the best place is in your home garden and dig a specific location for the source of cool fan.Now decide it that where you position the air conditioner cooling fan into the house, it will only possible when cooling fan will be easily connected to the rest all of your desire equipotent in the house.Be kept in mind that it does not interfere the foundation.Now use a shovel to dig the location for 3 to 4 meters into the ground.

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Plastic tubing
Now find a plastic tubing and proper buried it below the ground, it will help you to maintain the temperature upto 11.7 Celsius scale round the year, but keep in mind that plastic tubing is properly covered.

Connect the tubing
Now its time to connect all the equipment to the tubing,Select the best position to connect the plastic tubing to the whole house ,and drill a hole for ventilation with the help of drill machine or use some valid space in the pass this tubing to the exact location where the fan located in the house .

Now fan preparing
Now wrap the copper tubing on the back of fan which is in the house in spiral , secure their grills by using cable ties , now obtain anti-freezing which is pump across the system. This acts as the coolant and does not get freeze in winter weathers.

Install solar panels
One of the important step is to install solar panels in the roof where the sun light is directly hitting the panels as a result the sun light is changing into electrical energy.So if you want to use Solar Ac at night time then please connects batteries to collect energy which are used at night time when there is no sun .

Install Pump
Now in last step its east install a circulation pump which is just few inches away from where the copper and plastic tubing are joined together.just to make sure at the end that it will connected the solar power . Your Solar panel Air conditioner is ready to work .