Convert your UPS to solar generator

Hello dear readers, we are here to tell you all the procedure that coverts a home use UPS to a power full Solar generator.
As we all know that there are a lot of issue with UPS, and the maintenance of UPS is time consuming and expensive too, And one think that is very important that small amount of current is also need to active the UPS circuit ,but on the other hand if you are moves on Solar panel generator, you can safe that current too, and no maintenance need for solar panel generators, Though its little expensive as compare to UPS but its one time investment and its long lasting and durable.
So its too much easy you can built you solar panel generator at you own home the products you all needed are as fallows, and if you done by your own your manufacturing cost reduced.

Products that are needed:
1- Solar cells ( or complete Solar panels)
2- Change Controller
3- Battery charger ( that charge batteries First time )
4- 2 Simple AWG cables (American wire gauge)
5- A Mechanical Lugs
6- A Power inverter
7- A rubber Tote of Plastic bucket

Tools that are used :
Cutter (for wire cutting)
Electrical Tap ( to wrapped the wire )
Drill machine
Crescent Wrench

If you have all the above supplies and the apparatus tools then you are only half hour away from you solar panel powerful generator

Now complete and detailed procedure for Solar panel generator:

1st Step : preparation of batteries ( charging ):
It is the first step for making you own solar panel powerful generator you need to charge your batteries with your battery changer, be kept in mind that battery voltage is of 2 types either 12v or 24v. Make sure about your battery capacity which is mention on your battery box of book guide,then fix the charger on 12v or 24v according to you battery.

2nd Step : Preparing Solar panel:
Now we are moving to our second step to fix a solar panel while the batteries are on charging mode .Solar panel is a solar plate that absorbs sun light and convert that light into DC voltage complete detail of solar panel (Solar cells and solar panel LINK).And link the out put of solar panel to the input of the batteries.

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3rd Step : Align All the batteries :
Now in step 3 align all the batteries (depends upon your need ) in a plastic bucket or in rubber Tote. Here its important that take the positive of the first with the negative of the second ,and then negative of the second with the positive of 3rd battery and so on…

Step 4: Now jumpers the batteries:
In that battery bucket make a jumpers of the wire AWG cable. Now we want to connect these all batteries in parallel.
Make sure if your inverter is far away from you batteries then use a long wire so that it easily reach to your inverter.

Step 5: Use to drill :

Now here all the batteries were align in the bucket now simple make a whole to get the final output wire with the help of drill machine.and out the two wires.

Step 6: Connect to Inverter :

Now finally contact that wires to the inverter which are drawn for the above step .


Finally step : now its time to test :
now your Solar panel generator is ready to use calculate the output voltage by volt meter, Actually its all depends upon you solar panels if the panels are big enough then it will charge you batteries instantaneously, and you find a better result.