Driving jobs in Dubai

Dubai is included in the seven Emirates of UAE and it has over 2.1 million populations. There are different types of monument are present in this part of the world just as Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, fantastic buildings and shopping malls. Dubai attracts the employees from other parts of the world because of its attractive salary. Dubai has a huge influx of the visitors, tourists, businessmen and purchasers from other countries. Dubai mainly ahead in oil exports while the other identification of this Emirate is gold and gold products. It has outstanding gold markets and outlets. Similarly, this Emirate also pull the individuals from other zone of the world in different jobs of construction companies. Dubai has various local and multinational construction companies, which are operating in entire Dubai. Driving jobs are common in Dubai because various types of driving jobs are available like trailer driver, taxi drivers, heavy vehicle drivers, private drivers, companies and institutional drivers.

How to apply driving jobs in Dubai
Dubai construction companies companies, offices, institutions and personal drivers job are usually advertised in leading Arabic and English newspapers. However, the multinational companies announced these jobs online in their own websites and other job websites. These driving jobs in different capacities are also filled with the assistance of local recruiting agencies or recruiting agents. The famous newspapers advertise these driving jobs in detail and provide all necessary information regarding this job like salary package, location of job, working hours, required qualification or experience, driving license type like heavy or light driving license, age limit, gender, etc. The private, driving job just demands a telephonic contact with employer and this contact is usually provided in the advertisement. In this case, both the driver and his employer negotiate upon the salary and other terms and conditions. The companies invite application through online or through postal service. The postal application needs attested copies of documents, while the online application needs soft copies of documents.

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Dubai driving jobs procedure
Dubai companies arrange test and interviews through the assistance of the local recruiting agencies. These agent or agencies also advertise these driving vacant position in local newspapers and gather applicant at their offices. Dubai employer or company representatives visit the recruiting agencies and take test or interview and collect the successful applicants documents along with passport. The employer arranges work visa for the employee and submit an application along with sponsor letter at Ministry of Labor in Dubai, The employer also deposit required fee for this on the behalf of the employee. This ministry after confirmation issue an entry visa for Dubai that allow the driver to enter in this Emirate. On the arrival the employer arrange residence visa and labor card. However, before the application of these two documents it is necessary for the employee to clear the medical test. The resident visa allow the driver to stay in this Emirate while the labor card permit the driver to work.

Dubai driving jobs required documents
Dubai driving jobs are based on a valid driving licenses required by the company like light or heavy driving license. Besides this it is also necessary for the driver that he must be in god health condition and has at least because schooling to understand the road instructions. However, there are some basic documents which are required for this driving jobs are mentioned below.
1. Valid sponsor letter or employment contract and it should be by named.
2. Valid passport of the applicant and its validity must be at least six months.
3. Fresh passport sized color photographs of the employee.
4. Medical fitness certificate from the nominated hospital or clinic.
5. Valid driving license in required capacity.