Driving jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is located in the northeast of Saudi Arabia toward the Persian Gulf. This country is a blend of modern and traditional culture. Kuwait is outstanding in per capital income, which is higher in this region. Kuwait is leading in oil production and exporting. This country is a financially stable because of these petroleum products to other countries of the world. Kuwait mainly depending upon oil and exploring, extraction, refining and exporting. There are numbers of national and international oil companies which are operating in this country. All these companies and other business units hire employee from other regions of the world. Besides all others job driving jobs are also required in this part of world. Driving jobs are advertised in famous Arabic and English newspapers. However, oil and gas companies and other construction companies also announced these jobs in their websites as well as jobs providing websites.

How to apply driving jobs in Kuwait
Driving jobs in Kuwait are announced in newspapers and websites. All these websites also provide an option to drivers who are applying for Kuwait to use provided application format and also provide soft copies of required documents. Kuwait driving jobs are also applied through postal service through postal service, but this method require attested copies of the required documents including valid driving license. Kuwait local and foreign individuals also hire drivers for their personal vehicles. These employer just provide their contact number through that applicant contact the employer and negotiate about the job and salary package. Sometime, these Kuwait driving jobs are handed over to the local recruiting agencies. These local recruiting agencies also advertise these vacant position in local newspapers. Moreover, these recruiting agencies conduct test and interviews on the behalf of the employer or company. These recruiting agencies also facilitate the candidate about visa processing.

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Kuwait driving jobs procedure
Kuwait employer or company select drivers according to their needs just as heavy vehicle or light vehicle drivers. After, confirming the validity of the license the employer issue the job offer letter or sponsor letter. Kuwaiti employer apply to work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor on the behalf of the employee. The work permits need employee’s valid passport and NOC from the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry Foreign Affairs in Kuwait will dispatch a copy of work permit from native Kuwait embassy of the applicant for approval. The driving job applicant apply in his home country Kuwait embassy for entry visa for Kuwait. Kuwait driver job applicant enter in Kuwait on entry visa and then pass his medical test from the nominated hospital or clinic and then apply for resident visa. This resident visa allow the employee to stay in this country until the expiry of the work visa. This resident visa is usually issued for five years. After receiving this resident visa, the driver is now registered for Civil ID card.

Kuwait driving jobs required documents
Kuwait driving jobs are technical and mostly demands light vehicle or heavy vehicle driving license. It is also necessary for the drivers that they must have basic education for understanding traffic signs and signals as well as safety instructions. Kuwait driving jobs are filled with physical fit individuals and have driving experience in their specific filed. However, there are some common testimonials or documents which are required from all driving job applicants.
1. Valid sponsor letter from the employer or company and it should be by named.
2. Valid passport of the driving job applicant.
3. Valid driving license, which is required by the employer like heavy or light vehicle driving license.
4. Attested copies of all required documents including experience letter.
5. Fresh passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
6. Medical clearance certificate from the nominated hospital or clinic.