Driving jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is a located in Southeast of Asia, it consists of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. This country is famous for its amazing beaches and rain forests. This country has different types of cultures like Malay, Chinese, Indian and European. Malaysia is classic tourist destination while it is economically strong country in this region. Malaysia has huge industries specifically rubber industry, but there are large numbers of natural products are also extracted from the soil. This country always tries to hire skilled and experienced workers from the other countries of the world for its industries. Malaysia announced its different types of vacant position in all medias including newspapers, online websites, etc. Malaysia also inducts different categories of drivers for its industries, constriction companies, offices, educational institutes, business units and even for private chauffeur. Malaysia advertise both light and heavy driver positions. This country offers even good salary packages and other basic facilities.

How to apply driving jobs in Malaysia
Malaysian driving jobs are categories into two just like light or heavy drivers. Heavy driver jobs are usually required in industries and business units while the light drivers needed in office, hospitals, hotels and as personal chauffeur. Malaysian driving jobs are advertised in daily newspapers, online websites of the company and jobs providing websites. There are two common option for the drivers to apply the company or personal employer through dispatching application along with copies of required documents including valid driving license. However, applicant can also apply online by using provided application form and some time needs soft copies of documents. These Malaysian driver jobs are also filled with the assistance of local recruiting agencies under the supervision of the company representative. Malaysian employer or companies hunt talented and skilled drivers from the available candidates.

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Malaysia driving jobs procedure
Malaysian employer or company select the skilled driver and issue a sponsor letter or job offer letter. This job offers otter and other relevant documents are submitted by the employer on the behalf of the employee in Immigration Department of Malaysia for entry visa. The work permits for Malaysia is often released for periods between six months and five years. Malaysia work visa can be extended after maturity if the employer requires the services of the employee for further time. Malaysia immigration department usually issue three different types of work permit according to job nature and skills.

Malaysia Employment Pass
This pass is designed for the specific types of employee having unique skills often it is usually for technical employees. The validity of this Employment Passes two years.

Malaysia Temporary Employment Pass
This pass is released for less than two year and specifically for the positions which should have less than RM 5000 per month salary package.

Malaysia Professional Visit Pass
This pass is released to those employees who are serving in their native country, but their services are required in Malaysia up to six months.

Malaysia driving jobs required documents
The prime requirement for this driving visa is valid driving license in required category. The majority of the companies required heavy vehicles driving license. The second important requirement is physical fitness and at least basic education. It is necessary that driving job candidate knows the basic English to understand traffic signals or signs.
1. Valid passport of the driving job applicant and its validity must be at least 18 months.
2. Applicant must be 27 years or over this.
3. Valid driving license issued from the native country of the applicant.
4. Attested copies of required testimonials from the driving job applicant.
5. Medical fitness certificate from the mentioned hospital or clinic.
6. Sponsor or job offer letter from the employer.
7. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the applicant.