Driving jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the man Islamic country and it is centered of the entire Islamic world. This country hosts the millions of pilgrimage every year. Moreover, there are large numbers of visitor who visit this part of the world for different religious activities like Umrah. This country is financially stable due to oil export to other region of the world. Saudi Arabia is included in top ranked oil exporting countries. Saudi Arabia also exploring oil and gas with the help of the national and international oil exploring companies. Similarly there are thousands of construction companies in this country which are buildings infrastructure. Saudi Arabia also developed industrial zones for the investors to establish industries. This country also has huge network of marketing because of millions of foreigners influx in this country during the hajj season. There are a large number of foreign citizen also staying in this country and performing their duties in different departments. Saudi Arabia offers thousands of jobs to foreign employees in different capacities inclining driving jobs.

How to apply driving jobs in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia driving jobs are required in different types of departments and companies usually construction companies, oil and gas companies and other offices hire drivers. Companies hires drivers for driving heavy vehicles or machines. However, offices, educational institutes, business units and private driveling jobs are also demanded by this country. All vacant position of driving jobs are advertised in famous newspapers both in Arabic and English. The multinational companies announce these vacant position online. The online jobs also provide an option to employee to apply online by just filling out the given application form. The applicant can apply for this driving jobs through reliable courier service or ordinary postal service. The postal application needs copies of documents including application and detailed curriculum vitae. Saudi Arabian companies and institutes some time hire drivers through local recruiting companies or agents under the supervision of the employer or company representatives.

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Saudi Arabia driving jobs procedure
Saudi Arabian companies or employer select the drivers through test or interview directly or indirectly with the assistance of recruiting agencies. Saudi Arabia employer then issue a sponsor letter or job offer letter and submit this case in Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the issue of the Saudi Arabian entry visa that allow the drivers to enter in this country. This entry visa is issued for three months and after entering in Saudi Arabia. The employer arranges resident visa known as Iqama and a labor card. However, prior to this the driver must clear his medical examination from a recommended hospital or clinic. Then, the driver will get his resident visa and labor card these two official documents allow the driver to live in this country and work until the maturity of work visa. Moreover, this also permits to open an account in bank and get mobile connection or Sim.

Saudi Arabia driving jobs required documents
Saudi Arabia driving jobs are very attractive because of handsome salary package and other basic facilities like accommodation and medical. Companies and other institutes also pay for overtime to the driver. These driving position needs right type of valid driving license like heavy or light. Physical fitness is also vital for these position and basic education is must for understanding the traffic signals and signs. Besides, these there are few common documents which must be provided by the drivers who are applying in Saudi Arabia.

1. Sponsor letter or job offer letter from the employer or company.
2. Valid passport or the applicant as well as valid driving license.
3. Medical fitness certificate from the nominated hospital or clinic.
4. Attested copies of the required testimonials including certificate and experience letter.