Dubai office jobs procedure

Dubai office jobs

Dubai is more commercial and trading Emirate in Gulf, which is progressing swiftly. Dubai normally depends upon oils and gold business while there are various natural resources are also there. However, Dubai mainly depends on oils and gold market. Dubai accommodates millions of traders and businessmen which deals in different commodities including petroleum products. All businesses and trades deals are documented in different offices or there are various offices which maintain records. That is why Dubai has thousands of offices and more than this, they have employees and this Emirates hires from time to time different kinds of office staff from abroad or from inside the Emirate. This Emirate always hires fine class office workers which are equipped with qualification, experience and skills. Dubai normally advertises its vacant position in top class news papers and some main offices announced their jobs in their own websites. Usually office jobs which are announced in website or advertised in newspapers are offices manager, key punch operator, office assistants, personal assistants, office boys, peons, receptionist, clerical staff and many other offices related jobs. Dubai office administration prefers foreign qualified person to fill the vacant positions.

How to get Dubai office jobs

Dubai office jobs are published and advertised in leading Arabic and English newspapers, but some jobs are also announced in online websites. The applicant or candidates for these office jobs search both in news papers and online. Once the applicant finds out a suitable office job according to his/her capability, then he/she can apply for this. There are three main options for application submission just like traditional postal service and latest courier service. These two ways of sending application to Dubai offices are common and both requires hard copies of attested academic documents and other related papers just as certificates and reference papers. The other most advances, rapid and safe way of dispatching application is online application and papers submission. However, this method of applying demands soft copies or scan documents which will be up loaded by applicant through online service. The online application is specifically on a given application format. The office administrations short list the capable applicant and some time they take their interview through online or telephonic way. This is very important for Dubai office job candidates that they must first select most suitable job for him and try to meet all necessary requirement required by the employer.

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Dubai office job requirements

All Dubai office jobs demands different types of documents, experience certificates and skills that are¬†why all office jobs have their own criteria. It is also important and up to the administration that what type of document this organization demands from the employees. There are some office jobs in Dubai that require some special types of documents like reference letters from employers or security clearance certificate from the applicant home country. Usually all office jobs in Dubai requires basic testimonials from applicant like degrees, certificates and diplomas. Sometime some specific types of qualification are also demanded just as computer certification, key punch operator course or shorthand course. However, Dubai different office deal different things and they hire their own interest’s candidate. There are some common documents, which is required from all foreign employees to fill the vacant position of Dubai office jobs.

1. Application on mentioned format dully signed by the candidate.
2. Candidate passport which must have few blank pages.
3. Fresh curriculum vitae that indicates basic information of applicant.
4. Academic documents like degrees, certificate or diplomas.
5. English language certification just like IELTS.
6. Experience certificate and reference letters from ex-employers.
7. Recent passport sized color photographs of applicant.
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