Gas Pressure Blower for Homes:

Gas Pressure Blower for Homes:
Now a days all we know that gas pressure is a basic issue in our country, by this issue most or the people can arrange foods from outside which may cost high.As the Sui Northern gas is a basic component of life.Just because of CNG (compressed Natural gas ) in Pakistan the residential gas line suffers and especially in cloudy or snowy weather the availability of gas is impossible, by this we can find a simple way to obtain a good pressure gas in our home pipeline by adding a simple height pressure blower (AISHANG 950G +).
How it works:
As AISHANG 950G is a best blower which can maintain the gas pressure easily and work properly, there are more other blowers in the market,by the price its the best almost available RS 2000 from has a simple structure which contains two slots for gas. One slot is that where the gas inhales and the other slot is for output, it consist of a single knob with the help of which you can adjust the gas pressure.once you install it then plug that blower in electricity and join the sui gas pipeline either to the input of the AISHANG 950G ,maintain the pressure that depends upon you input gas pressure.Now plug the gas pipeline to the output slot and obtain a power full pressure sui gas at your home easily ( of maxim pressure )

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AISHANG blower key features :
This blower is usually used for the production of high pressure.We can use it for our home and its going perfect and now if there is snow outside we enjoys heaters inside by using this blower.If you have the same gas pressure problem at your home then don’t wait for anymore just spend Rs 2000 and buy it from the market.

Works on Low Voltage:
Another good thing of AISHA gas blower is that its works on low voltage and the electricity cost. Its almost works on 20 watt electricity, by its design it contains the knob to adjust the gas pressure.and its works on safe mode.

Work on safe Mode:
Especially AISHANG blower is working in safe mode because on its manufacturing there are no extra wires or pipes , just because of its simple structure AISHANG blower is mostly common in peoples in our country.And if a child touches AISHANG blower body nothing will b happen as its covers all with a plate.

Easy to installed remove:
AISHANG blower is easy to Unplug from the system, that is when summer comes you simple unplug.And simple the incoming pipe will attach to your desire equipment and use it.And when winter starts again and you have a gas pressure problem then you simply re-install it in the same way.

Prices of blowers:
AISHANG blower in market = Rs 2000
Natural Air Flow Gun Gas Pump = Rs 2499
KADA Natural Air Gas Pump – 850G – Black = Rs= 3000