Work visa for Australia, are you?

Are you hoping to be awarded a work visa for Australia? Well, the future is always uncertain and you never know for sure whether or not you will be granted a work visa but there are certain actions you can take to improvise upon your chances of landing a work visa for Australia, isn’t it?

Here we discuss the steps in the process of applying for an Australian work visa because the best thing for you to do is to do your homework on getting approved for a work visa by collecting as much info as possible and then acting on it by submitting your application correctly and in accordance with the info you have collected on how best to submit your application.

  • Dynamics of the Australian work visa

The Australian work visa is intended to be available in certain categories which are required or beneficial for the Australian economy. Therefore, the sectors which are lacking in the required amount of workforce are the ones in which work visas are offered to foreign nationals. This is so that they can work and benefit the Australian economy as well as strengthen its workforce while they also benefit themselves with the pay and perks they receive against the jobs they are able to win in Australia.

Those individuals who are being sponsored by an employer based in Australia are given priority in the work visa application process and there are higher chances for them relatively to be granted a work visa for Australia.

  • Temporary work visa

The most common visa type awarded to foreigners is the Australian work visa which allows the applicants to stay and work in Australia on a temporary basis until they get a permanent visa to work in Australia.

To be able to get this temporary work visa for Australia, the intending applicants must have a sponsoring employer in Australia.

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  • Nomination letter

The employers must send the chosen applicants a nominated letter which states that they have been selected do fill the designated job position in Australia.

This nomination paper that is sent must also state clearly the salary offered to the applicant.This is because being mindful of fraudulent activities; Australian law requires that if a work visa is granted and the selected applicants arrive in Australia, they must be hired at no less than the salary mentioned over the nomination paper.

Also, when the selected individuals arrive in Australia, they are to show proof that they indeed have the skills which match the job activities that they have been selected for by their employers.

  • Health and character certificates

Along with an application for a work visa for Australia, applicants also have to submit a health and character certificate with their application forms.

The health certificate affirms that the subject applicant is free of any harmful disease such as AIDS or TB et cetera which may be transmitted to citizens in Australia.

The character certificate in this case endorses the applicant   for his character stating that he maintains a good character and should therefore be duly considered for the award of a work visa.

  • Time frame

The temporary visa that is given to the applicant is valid for a period of (4) years from the date of issue which allows the applicant to live in Australia and work with the employed who sponsored him to Australia.

  • Family members

The immediate family members of the applicant are entitled to travel to Australia with the applicant and to live with him and even allowed working in Australia as and how they wish to. The immediate family members are defines as the spouse and children of the applicant.