How to make Tap-water to mineral water

Hi in this topic I would like to explain you that how you can make your tap-water to mineral water only using water-filter and some steps more to make it healthy and full of minerals.before that I would like to explain you an Imp think that the basic difference between Filter water and the mineral water.

Difference between Tap water Filter water and Mineral water:
The tap- water is the normal water which is provided by the municipal dept depending upon your country. This water is almost pure but it contain impurities as-well which may harmful for the body , some time the water supply from the municipal dept to you home may be damage by some reasons then the dust and impurities enter in you water line and ultimate it enter in your tap-water and when you use that water it will harmful for your health.By removing,that impurities you can you water filters with your taps,the tap-water directs enters in your water filters which your using ( Details of water filters ) then the filter works on it and remove all the bacteria and dust for that water, till here ,its a filter water, most of the people say that its mineral water but no,its wrong because its only the bacteria and dust free water, to make it mineral you can follow further step at you home because as we all know that mineral water.Is too much expensive when we use it on daily bases which costs different according to you living countries.Mineral water has some more supporting minerals like Calcium, sodium,potassium and magnesium.

Make Filter water to Mineral :
There are five important steps which you do at your home to make filter water ( which is passed through your water filters ) to the healthy mineral water. Please follow the step below at your home

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1- Filter Tap water using water filters :
Filtering is the first step to make mineral water at home, please take 1 to 2 liters of water and pass it through your home water filter ( for purification In detail of filter types) please
Make sure of it that your tap-water is not completely filter through water filters and now its 100% filter water then pore that water in a clean jar make it sure that your jar will be 100% clear and without smelly, To make it more effective please you glass jars.

2- Add backing Soda:
From the above step now you have filter water in you glass jar ,Add 1/8th teaspoon of backing sode in 1 liter that filter water. ( which is filter through water filters),and if you have 2 litters of filters water then please add 1/4th of teaspoon of backing soda in it .By adding
of backing soda which is called sodium bi-carbonate will adds sodium in that filter water , which is good for health conditions like Bloating , Indigestion and constipation. So actually this is the First and the most important step which make you filter water to mineral one.

3- Add Epsom Salt:
After the above step you have filter water with backing soda in it, now please add 1/8th of teaspoon of Epsom salt in it. It works to disinfectant of bacterial attacks to the human and safe its. Thus it widely increase the purity of the filter water ( which are passed from water filters).

4- Add potassium bi-carbonate :
Now this is the basic step that add 1/8th of teaspoon of potassium bi-carbonate in 1 liter of the above filter water which includes Epsom salt and backing soda. By adding Potassium bi-carbonate your water is more healthy and prevents you from cardiac arrest and diseases .

5- Mix well
Its is the most important step. Now you can shake and mix it well the above water which includes backing soda, Epsom salt and potassium bi-carbonates and now add it soda siphon for blending purposes, its like a Soda silicon is a gadget normally used in carbonated drinks to disperse it,
open the lid and pore in a vessel 100 % Natural , purified and mineral water is ready for you .