How water filter works.

water is the most essential component of the whole universe which consists of 71% of the total entire universe,even the human body need 75% of the water to survive,there are many uses of water for the survival of this plant known as earth, that is , Agriculture , Medical, foods and even in our daily use like washing , Drinking and science as well.

In majority our daily usage water comes with the municipal supply and we are using that water as for Drinking purpose which is almost safe to health,but that water also contains chemicals which are use to make that water to drinking,but mostly we find unpleasant taste,and oudur in that just because of that chemical components (especially chlorine) which are used to purify depending upon the country where your are living and the most important that may be your water line pipe is damage and the impurities and dust enters in that pipe line which make drinking water harmful for the health especially when that water is used by children, there are certain cheap water filters Which you are use at your end to get-rid of there problems.Even you can use that filters by yourself to make that municipal water into Natural Filter water.

Types of water filters
1- Mechanical water Filters :
It is unique and the most easy idea for Filter out the visible particle ( contains dust particles ) for the water,It works Like a barriers and filter out more then ceramic filters which has the difficult pore structure and super-fine filtration
of the pathogenic organisms.

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2- Absorption water Filters :
Carbon is the basic and familiar substance which is use by the Absorption of waists materials from the impure water,As we all know that carbons absorbs till 98% of the total impurities( chlorine ), and we use water filters to purify the water.And make our tap water as Mineral water.because of carbon it has huge internal structure so it absorbs more impurities , hooks and crannies too.most wanted domestic water filters consists of granular activated carbon (GAC), its function is to reduce ouder and unwanted taste and make possible for drinking purposes.

3- Sequestration water Filters :
The phenomena of question is to isolating the substance by chemically,A terminology called Food grade poly-phosphate is basically used in water filters to Sequestration of minerals called calcium and magnesium, which causes limescale and corrosion in the water, poly-phosphate did not soften the water but its function is to stop them to forming a scale on surface of water.

4- Ion Exchange water Filters
It is the process to use soft hard water by exchanging magnesium and calcium ions which are founded in hard water with other ions such as sodium and hydrogen ions. Ions exchanged are most commonly used to exchange resign which are normally comes out in the forms of beads, these water filters are cheap and can easily b replaces in normal cost but among all the calcium filters will b re-figured or rebuilt again.

5- Reverse Osmosis water Filters:
It is the process of removing mixed and dissolved inorganic solids which consist of magnesium and calcium ions from the tap- water by forcing through a membrane called samipermeable membrane,
at very high pressure, this membrane allows only water to pass form it and left behind all impurities like calcium and unwanted magnesium, In this way we can use filter water.its costs is cheap and easily available in the market.