Information about applying for a visit visa to Canada

Are you making plans to travel to Canada this calendar year? Are you therefore looking for some information to apply for a visit visa to Canada? If you are, then, we would like to extend you a helping hand and give out some very useful information about applying for a visit visa for Canada, check it out!

There are two ways to apply for a visit visa for Canada; one is online over the internet and the second is on paper.

  • Applying to a visit visa for Canada online

If you choose to apply online, you need to have a scanner so as to make soft copies of all the relevant documents which are required of you for submission.

Also, you need a webcam so that you can take a snap of yourself and submit the photograph along with your documents online.

Moreover, you also need an active credit or debit card so that you can pay your visa processing fees online.

Next, you have to read through the documents and see which kind of visa is most suited to your eligibility criteria so that you can select the right one and go for it.

Then simply fill out the form, attach documents, pay the fees, and submit your application.

In case of an online application for a visit visa for Canada, you are strongly advised to frequently check your email, especially your spam folder, so that you can read emails regarding your visa application which may or may not be automated.

These are the actions that you need to perform to successfully apply to a visit visa for Canada online and you have to be careful to execute them as requested otherwise your application for the visa may get delayed for one reason or another.

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  • Applying to a visit visa for Canada on paper

The other option that you have is to apply for the visit visa the conventional way, that is, on paper.

The first step in this process is to download the application package for applying to a visit visa for Canada on paper.

You can do this from the official website of the government of Canada and print out the required forms which you have to later fill out and submit to the Canadian embassy in your country.

The application package you have to download also includes the guide for filling out the forms so remember to read this guide before filling out the forms; do not start filling out the form directly.

You do not need to print the guide; you can read it on-screen; only print out the forms which you have to submit. Also, it would be a good idea to first fill out the forms in lead pencil, once you have checked that you have filled them out correctly, you can erase what you wrote and re-write it in ballpoint ink again.

After filling out the forms, the second step in the process is to know about the payment methods through which you are allowed to pay your fees online and t0 pay the requisite amount of fee using any of these payment methods.

The third step is to check your application for the required documents which you have to submit with it such as passport sized photographs of yourself as well as other relevant documents. You will have to make photocopies of a number of documents to submit along with your application so make sure you get all these chores completed in time.

The fourth and final step is to take stock of the processing time for your visa application so that you know when to expect a decision on your visa.