Interested in applying for studying in UK?

Are you a student and wish to study in the UK but are as yet unaware of the process for applying and traveling abroad? Are you also looking for financial aid that will enable you to fulfill your desire of studying in the UK without having to pay for it from your own savings? Well, here is the thing that you need to know when applying for studying in the UK.

There are courses offered at every level in the UK such as bachelors, MBA, MSC, PhD, et cetera, in a large number of universities so you can choose whatever level and whichever discipline you are interested in studying in.

  • Eligibility requirements for studying in the UK

You will be required to have passed you O and A Levels to be able to get admission in any university of choice in the UK.

There would be different requirements from one university to another in terms of the minimum grades required in O and A levels for you to be granted admission in any British University. The requirement would be much higher for universities such as Oxford and Cambridge but relatively lower for universities not belonging to the top 10, etcetera.

Other requirements include you being fluent in English Language, having passed the IELTS test with the scores required.

  • Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available in the UK if you pass the high merit that is required for you to be awarded one such scholarship for you to afford your high tuition and accommodation cost in the UK.

You will have to apply for scholarships at the same time that you apply for admission into a university so that you can get a reply from the scholarship awarding bodies in time.

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The award of scholarship depends on a number of factors and so you may or may not be awarded a scholarship, in which case you should have a secondary source of finance available with you to be able to afford your study in the UK on your own.

  • Application procedure to universities

You will have to apply online for admission into all the universities you want to apply to and submit all the documents online over the application portal.

You will find that relative to applying in paper, which is quite a cumbersome procedure, applying online is a very easy and convenient way to log in your application for admission into any university.

  • Applying for a student Visa for UK

If fortune favors you and you win admission into a university as well as a scholarship, then all you have to do after that is that you have to apply and win a student visa so that you can finally complete the application procedure and make preparations for traveling to the UK.

For this, you will again have to take benefit of the World Wide Web and log your query for student visa for UK onto the official UK immigration website.

Filling out the relevant forms, you will also have to attach the necessary documents along with your passport sized photos which you can take using your webcam.

This will end all of the application processes that you would have gone through by now and only leave out only the interview stage of the visa application process, after which you will be informed of the status of your student visa.

If you have won both admission and scholarship, you are very likely to be a success at the student visa too but even if you have not won a scholarship, do not be disheartened, there are still high chances that your student visa will be approved.