Is the United States your destination for further study abroad?

The United States is the top destination for students from around the world. These students are all attracted to the world class, Ivy League universities of the US and wish to pursue a degree there. Apart from the Ivy Leagues there are a high number of universities in the US which cater to a huge number of international students amongst their cadres along with national students.

The education system in the United States is different from that of the UK and that is also one reason why many choose to travel to and study in the US instead of elsewhere.

  • Eligibility Criteria

Like university applications the world over, you need to determine if you are eligible to apply to universities in the US. This involves taking a look at each of the eligibility requirements one by one to see what is required of you as an applicant to be able to study in the US.

You need to apply for and pass the TOEFL test at the minimum score set for you.

Also, you need to have a minimum education from institutes recognized in the US to apply for further education in the United States.

Moreover, you need to be able to support yourself in terms of tuition fees as well as in terms of accommodation costs if you plan to stay in the US for the duration of your chosen degree course.

  • Application

After the eligibility criteria starts the actual process which is the filling out of online forms so that you can formally start your application process for your university degree you intent to pursue in the US.

This process will most probably have to be completed online and you can do so conveniently form the comfort of your home.

Make sure however that you read the instructions for filling out the forms a couple of times before you begin with the application forms.

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Anything you are unable to understand in the application process, you should consult the online help desk of your university and get the issue resolved ASAP, lest you submit a flawed application which may not have a good impression of you on the university.

You will also be required to submit proof of your educational career as well as of your extracurricular activities. Therefore you should submit as many certificates as you can relating to your extracurricular activities such as sports, debating competitions, volunteer work or other awards that you might have had won during your educational career to-date.

There is a lot of emphasis given to extracurricular activities along with academic activities so you must scan and submit all the best activities that you have been awarded for so that you can present them as proof that you are an all-rounder.

  • Student Visa

If your application has been successful and you have been given the green light by your university to move ahead with your visa application, then, your next step would be to apply equally effectively for a student visa.

There is no way that you can enter the United States legally without a valid visa and so you must apply for it with an equal amount of zeal and hard work and enthusiasm that you put into your university education, by giving attention to detail in your application.

Pay your visa processing fees in full and make sure that you leave out nothing missing from your application.

Also, prepare well for the interview call you receive by collecting yourself together and making for a successful interview so that nothing stands between you and your degree course that you have already been granted admission into by your university in the Unite States of America.