Looking forward to winning a Scholarship for Australia

Australia is another very popular destination for students wishing to study on a scholarship. This is because Australian universities are one of the highest ranking in the world, as they offer a very advanced and a very high standard of education to their students. That is the reason that a lot many number of students choose to travel to Australia each year and stay there for purposes of studying.

Likewise, sensing the interest of students in studying in Australia, a good number of scholarships are now offered to such prospective students who cannot afford the expensive education in that country, so that they can study in Australia and earn a degree for them.

  • Online Process for applying to scholarships

To start with, you as a student need to log into the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS) to register yourself and create a free account.

Then, your eligibility criterion is established by the system itself as it will ask your number of automated questions. Based on the results of these questions, it will be determined whether or not you are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

If you indeed are declared as eligible by the system, you will then by given a unique registration number which you should have to note down as it will be required in the application process further ahead.

Then, you will be given ample time to read the Applicant’s Online User Manual for filling out the relevant forms for applying for a scholarship as well as to upload the associated documents along with the forms.

One all that is done, you can then move forward to submit your application online via OASIS.

This is all about applying for an Australian scholarship online, now a word on applying on paper.

  • Applying for an Australian scholarship in paper

If for any reason you are unable to complete and submit your application online via the World Wide Web, you then also have the option to applying in paper by acquiring hard copies of the forms, reading the manual, filling the forms, attaching relevant documents, and then mailing the package to the relevant address.

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  • A word on the documents which have to be submitted along with

For documents that have to be submitted along with the application forms, copies of the original documents have to be made and they have to be submitted with the originals either to the:

o   Official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents

o   An Australian overseas diplomatic mission

o   To an Australian Education Centre.

Once the original documents have been verified as originals by officers from any one of these three categories, the certified copies must be sent with the application forms for both online as well as paper applications.

For online applications, the certified copies must be scanned and then submitted in PDF format with the application forms.

  • Australian Visa Requirements

As for Australian visa requirements, you will have to apply for it along with your application for the scholarship. For your application for the student visa for Australia, you will have to meet certain requirements of the visa application process.

These factors include your proficiency in English language such as passing the IELTS exam with a threshold score since English is the prevalent mode of education in Australia.

In addition, other requirements such as health requirements of the applicant have to be met for the visa application process such as you being free from any infectious disease that you may transmit to others. In some cases, you may also be required to have an overseas student health cover.

Furthermore, you may also be required to submit a certificate of character for a student visa for Australia which states that you are of a peaceful nature and that you have not been involved in any crime or act of violent nature in your own country.