Make your own water filter homemade

Hello! Have you ever think that you make your own water filter at your home by using simple products,if no then don’t wait and prepare your desire water-filter in only 15 minutes.The products use to make your water-filter are as fallows.

1- A funnel ( same like a plastic bottle)
2- A vase
3- Gravel In small amount
4- Activated Charcoal
5- Super clean Sand
6- Cotton
7- Dirt
8- Water

Procedure of making water filter:
First of all take a Funnel or if you don’t have that funnel no worries,just took a plastic soft drink bottle and cut it from the down side so it acts like a Glass funnel, usually we don’t recommend by doing so ,because the plastic is not good for health ,but here is a sample of water filter u make it by plastic bottle but later on you follow and go with glass Funnel.

Now turn the bottle upside done in vase so that the neck of bottle of Funnel is in the vase and the back portion is open.Now its first layering starts with cotton put cotton in it by 1-3 inches, then next second layer is of activated charcoal, use about 1 inch of charcoal , Now over-top of activated charcoal put 2-3 inches of gravel,now after gravel put 4 inches of sand in that funnel or bottle, this sand helps to block larger particles, for better experience your sand must b clean.your home base water filter is ready to use.

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Add dirt and water:
Put a Dirt in a port and add a glass of water in it, mix that dirt and water slowly so that , the dirt changes into proper muddy water add some more water and pour that vessel on the top or funnel or bottle,you see that the layers you made will clear all the impurities from that muddy water and at the end you found a good ,soft and filter water. But do not drink it till you not test it weather its 100% filter water or not? Its a small way to make home base water filter.

Now the last but important step ,test that water which is obtaining from experiments and the dirt water also form the registered labourity, you notices that how much this home base water filter will works.

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