Making all-out efforts for a spouse visa for Australia

Australia is a new destination for immigrants relative to the US, Canada and UK which have been the focus of attention of immigrants looking to migrate to other countries in search of better career opportunities.

That is why many potential immigrants are now looking towards Australia as the favored destination for immigration since there is a perception that Australian rules and regulations are much more relaxed and easy than in the US or UK.

An increasing number of people now go to look for work in Australia so that they can make up a bright future for themselves and support their families back home. However, many people opt to call their spouses and their children in Australia so that their families can be united and they can live as one singular unit in one place.

If you are the spouse of an individual who has immigrated to Australia and you are looking for acquiring a spouse visa for Australia, where do you need to start?

  • Eligibility

The first thing is that you should have been legally married to your spouse living in Australia for no less than 12 months if you are to be eligible for applying for a spouse visa for Australia.

Both you and your spouse must at least be 18 years of age for you to be granted a spouse visa for Australia.

When applying for the visa, you will also be required to be certified both health-wise as well as character-wise by being issued a certificate for each of them.

You also have to affirm to the Australian immigration authorities that you both intend to live together permanently and you also need to show proof that you have live together in the past year or so.

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  • Process of Application

The first step is for you to apply for a spouse visa which you can do while being based in Australia or outside of it. However, if you are on a visit to meet your spouse in Australia, it would be a good idea to apply for your spouse visa then and there. This is because there are a number of advantages of applying for a spouse visa if you are in Australia at the time of the application.

When your initial application for a spouse visa is accepted, what will happen is that you will be granted what is known as an Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa.

The main features of this kind of visa are that it will allow you to stay on the Australian homeland for a period of two years and also, you will have full rights to work in Australia anywhere and anyway that you wish; no restrictions on that.

At the end of the two year period which you spend in Australia, you would be allowed to receive permanent residency in Australia, i.e. allowed to own the spouse visa that you initially applied for, given that you are still in a relationship with your spouse.

  • Exceptions

Be advised however that there are special circumstances, as outlined by the Australian immigration officials, under which you do not have to run the trial period of two years before you are granted a spouse visa for living permanently in Australia.

These circumstances are stated as follows:

o   That you have been in a relationship with your spouse in excess of five years at the time you apply for a spouse visa for Australia.

o   That you have been in a relationship for two years with your spouse at the time of application and that you now have dependent children to support as of that time.

o   That your spouse was given a permanent visa to live in Australia under the humanitarian program and he revealed his relationship with you at that time, the relationship having been started before the award of the visa.