Making arrangements for Immigration for USA

If you are planning for immigrating to the USA, you should know about the rules and regulations, the stepwise process that governs your application so that you know which part of the process you are at any one point in time.

There are number of steps in the application process for immigration to USA so you must know what you need to do at each stage so that you application can be good to go.

  • Petition for immigration to the USA

Be advised that for any national of any country to apply for immigration to the US, he must be sponsored by a US citizen based in the US who himself is a law abiding citizen.

The second option is for a foreign national to be sponsored by an employer who wishes to hire the foreign national for any services he might want from him.

In either of the two cases, the sponsor of the foreign national is required to submit a petition for allowing the subject national to immigrate to the US.

This petition has to be submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a first step in the application process.

  • After your petition has been approved

After your petition has been approved by the USCIS, the next step is for you to begin the National Visa Center Processing.

This process involves two steps:

1. Email communications options

2. Submit your contact for all correspondence to and from the National Visa Center (NVC).

In the email communications options, you as the petitioner must send an email to [] so that you may be enrolled for the case.

In the email that you send out on this address, you must take care to include the list of all the email addresses, as there may be potentially more than a couple, which will receive electronic correspondence.

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If you as a petitioner are a member of family of the applicant instead of the applicant being sponsored by a US based employer, then, you must include the applicant’s full name, his email address, his date of birth, your own full name, your email address and your date of birth.

If possible, you should also include in the email the name, email address as well as the postal address of the attorney of record.

If the applicant is being sponsored by a US based employer, then, the petitioner i.e. the employer must email the NVC with its name and address.

So much for email communications options, let us now discuss about submitting the contact for all correspondence from the NVC.

As the applicant for migration to the United States, you can give your own email address for all immigration related correspondence which will then be made to you.

On the other hand, you may also designate someone based in the US to look after the correspondence from the NYC so that you do not have to reply or worry about the correspondence personally.

  • Submit relevant documents

The third step in the process is for you to submit all the relevant documents which you are required to for your application to be processed.

Also at this stage, you are required to pay all the fees for the immigration application process so that there are no outstanding dues on your part.

  • Interview

The last step in the process is your interview by US embassy staff based in your country.

You must therefore prepare yourself for the interview and attend it with confidence and poise and not feel overly anxious or worried about it.

You must however be patient for the call to interview as it may take several months in some cases.