Work visa for UK

The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries in Europe and that is why many people try to acquire a work visa for UK so that they can live and earn a high income in the UK. For the same reason, thousands of expatriates from around the world are living in the UK and are a source of high remittance for their countries of origin as the pound sterling has a high value in the foreign exchange market. Therefore, the worldwide effort and competition by workers to acquire a work visa for UK is tough.

There are many kinds of work visas that are available so let us go through each of them one by one.

  • Tier-1-Entrepreneur Work Visa

This kind of work visa is available for those who wish to make an investment inside the United Kingdom such as running a business there, and have in excess of 50,000 Pounds of funds available in their bank account which they can show as proof through their bank statement. The Tier-1 (Entrepreneur Visa) allows the holder to extend his work visa, even switch it, and bring his family to the UK if he so wishes.

  • Tier-1-Exceptional Talent Work Visa

This kind of work visa is available to those who have an exceptional talent in either the arts or the sciences so that they can showcase their talent in the UK and benefit financially against it. The individual must be endorsed for his exceptional talent in his field of interest by the relevant body in the United Kingdom. If he is granted this kind of visa, he has the option to bring his family to the UK along with him.

  • Tier-2-Minister of ReligionWork Visa

This kind of work visa is what you will need to apply for if you have been offered a job in any of the faith communities in the UK such as in the Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu Communities. You reserve the right to extend or switch the Minister of religion work visa and to bring your family along with you with this work visa. Knowledge of the UK English Language is mandatory to apply for this visa.

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  • Tier-2-Sportsperson work visa

The sportsperson work visa can be applied for if you are a sportsman or a coach for any sport and you have distinguished laurels in your sport of interest. Given that you are being sponsored for your services by any sporting body in the UK. This visa can be extended and family members can travel with you to the United Kingdom using this visa.

  • Tier-5-Temporary Worker-International Agreement work visa

This visa can be applied for by individuals who are seeking temporary work in the UK and are working within an international agreement that is governed by international law. The temporary work visa allows the worker to extend or switch his visa and also to bring his family along with him during his temporary stay in the UK.

  • Domestic workers in a private household work visa

This visa is for those who wish to work as maids or servants in a private house for an employer in the UK. However, interested candidates must have at least one year of experience working as a domestic worker and must be able to show proof of it. The visa can be extended and knowledge of English is a must to apply for this visa.

  • Turkish business person work visa

This work visa is specifically for nationals of Turkey who are willing to travel to the UK to start up a new business venture there. They may also apply for this visa if they instead choose to help an already running business in the UK with the allowance that this visa may be extended.
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