Making way for your spouse visa for USA

The United States is the richest country in the world by GDP and so it makes sense why people like to immigrate to the US in search of better paying job opportunities. However, by the time they get the job and the green card that they have been looking for, they feel alone and lonely and wish to see their family live alongside themselves such as a spouse and of course children if they have any.

So, if you are a spouse who has a husband living in the US as a naturalized citizen, and you are looking to move to the US to live with him, here is what you need to know.

  • Definition of a spouse

First, you need to know the basics; who is defined as a spouse?

According to US immigration officials, you are considered as a spouse only if you have been married legally to your husband or wife.

If you are simply living together with your spouse such as in the case of common law marriage, you may not be consider a spouse and hence may not have privileges to apply for a spouse visa.

Also, if a US citizen has more than one wife, only the first one would be allowed to have the right to apply for a spouse visa for the USA.


  • Starting with the application for a spouse visa

First of all, your spouse living in the US has to file a petition for alien relative, on your behalf, with the department of homeland security of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the US. This is so as to kick start your application process for immigration to the US.

It would be a good idea if your spouse went through the instructions given on the USCIS website about how best to file a petition so that the errors and omissions in filing it are minimized.

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According to US law, there are certain cases in which an individual living outside of the US is allowed to apply for immigration directly to USCIS, so a good idea to go through the website before applying.

  • Documents required

After the petition you have filed with the USCIS has been approved, you would be asked by the USCIS to submit documents relevant to your application such as the affidavit of support document, the immigrant visa documents, your passport, two recent photographs, medical examination forms, civil documents and whichever other documents they deem necessary.

  • Fees to be paid

In addition to the documents which would be required of you, the USCIS will also instruct you to pay the necessary fees for further processing of your application. Make sure that you pay the fees in full and in time so that you application is not delayed simply because of non-payment of dues.

Fees would be charged per immigrant-in-waiting, which means that if you intend to immigrate with one or more children to the US, you will have to pay the fees for each one of them, all of which will be non-refundable.

  • Interview

The next step in the process is for you to prepare and appear for an interview at the US embassy and answer the question posed to you.

One of the purposes of the interview is for the immigration officials to see if it is okay to let you move to the US by meeting you in person and asking a few questions.

·       Medical Examination and Vaccinations

Next, you have to appear for your medical examination and vaccination and confirm that you do not have any disease which you may take with you to the US.

Also, you will have to vaccinate yourself against potential hazardous diseases before you fly to the US.