Planning to travel to Denmark on a visit visa

Thinking of applying to a visit visa for Denmark? Following the procedure as outlined is important in getting your application to have a high chance of being approved and also, for the process to be expedited.

For that, you need to know what the correct procedure is in the first place so that you can follow it correctly and properly. This article highlights important information and steps which you need to follow when applying to a visit visa for Denmark.

Denmark does not have a specific visa that is called a visit visa, only there is a short term visa that can be applied for by those who intend to travel to Denmark for a visit.

  • Application process for a short term visa for Denmark

There are certain minimum requirements which an applicant has to fulfill if he is looking forward to his visa application being processed as soon as possible.

However, there may be other requirements that he may have to come up to as well but the minimum requirements have to be completed under all circumstances.

The first requirements when applying for a visa for Denmark is to complete the visa application forms and attach with it all the relevant documents which are required by the Danish embassy.

Second, the applicant must fill out the form in either English Language or in Danish Language and he is not authorized to use a third language under any circumstances. If at all any translations are made in the forms, they must be made by authorized translators who are trusted in the market for their name.

The third step in the process is that the applicant has to submit his original passport, a photocopy of his passport, his residence visa as well as any other visa of any other country that he may be holding at the time of the application.

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The passport and the residence visa of the applicant must be valid for up to three months after his return from Denmark while his travel documents must be valid for a period of six months after his return from Denmark.

  • Fee and photograph requirements

The applicant must know that the fee for the application of the visa for Denmark is non-refundable and also that it must be paid at the time of submitting the documents in cash. Alternately, it can be paid using a VISA credit card online over the internet.

Along with all of the above documents, the applicant has to submit a recently taken passport sized photograph of him. There are certain other requirements that have to be meted out by the passport sized photograph such as the background of the photograph being light in color, the photograph having had been taken at a close-up, and the photograph itself being a color photo. In addition, if the applicant is a woman and she wears a veil, then, the ears, nose, eyes and forehead of the applicant must be visible in the photograph. The applicant must take care that the photograph is recent because if it is found to be older than three months, it will not be accepted as a valid photograph by the Danish embassy.

  • Additional documentation required

In case a local company is sponsoring a visit of one of its employees abroad, the additional documentation that an applicant is required to submit along with his visa application includes an official company letter from his company which has certain information available on it.

The information which is required on the letter includes the name, the address, as well as the telephone contact number of the sponsor.

Also, this document must have the name, nationality, passport number of the applicant, his date of joining the company and the reason for sponsoring his visit to Denmark.