Qatar driving jobs

Qatar is located in east of the Arabian Peninsula and it consists of various islands like Halul, Al Shat, Shira’wa, etc. This country is financially more stable country of this region. Qatar is leading in oil exporting as well as it brand leader in LPG export and production. Qatar earn it’s main share of income from oil and gas export to other country of the world. Qatar has different types of national and multinational companies performing different tasks like exploring new sites for oil and gas. Similarly there are a lot of construction companies which are buildings infrastructure of this country according to modern requirements. Qatar usually hire its work and labor force from other countries of the world. Qatar normally induct workers in construction companies and oil exploring companies, but there are some common jobs which are required in other sectors just like driving jobs. Driving jobs are needed in companies as well as in society.

How to apply driving jobs in Qatar
Qatar driving vacant positions are advertised by the oil and gas companies and construction companies usually in daily leading newspapers. However, some job providing website and companies own website also announced their vacant position online. These driving jobs are also advertised by the employer in newspapers. These Qatar driving jobs are also filled with the help of the registered recruitment agencies in other countries. The online jobs also provide an option for the drivers to apply online by using the provided application format. This online application format also requires soft copies of the documents. The other traditional method of application is through courier service or postal service. This type of application demands hard attested copies of the documents. The local, recruiting agency hire the candidate for these driving jobs under the observation of the employer or company representatives.

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Qatar driving jobs procedure
Qatar driving job candidate are selected after taking tests and interviews. After confirmation of their documents, the employer collects the passport of the applicant along with other required documents. The employer applies for NOC from the labor ministry on the behalf of the employee and also deposit require fee. This entry visa allow the employee to enter in this country and it is valid for six months, but within three months the employee must require resident visa to stay entire period of work visa. However, prior to this resident visa the employee need to clear his medical test from the nominated hospital or clinic. Then, the employee or driver will get the labor card also from this country. These official documents like resident visa and labor card permit the driver to open his bank account. Qatar labor ministry initially confirm that is no one available to fill this position from within the country and then provide NOC for hiring person from abroad.

Qatar driving jobs required documents
Qatar driving jobs are filled according to the right types of driving license like light driving license or heavy driving license. The companies usually demands heavy driving license from the drivers. However, it is also necessary for the heavy driving license holder that they must have at least two year experience. The personal drivers or office only require light vehicles drivers. It is vital for the drivers that they must be in good physical position. Similarly, they must have basic education, which is necessary to read the road instructions. There are some common documents which must be provided by the candidate.
1. Job offer or sponsor letter from the Qatar employer or company.
2. Valid passport of the driving job applicant.
3. Valid driving license in required category like light or heavy vehicles drives.
4. Attested copies of requires documents like certification and experience letter