Searching for a Scholarship for China?

After the popularity of scholarships for students wishing to study in the US or UK, a scholarship for China is the new focus of students wishing to study abroad because of the expensive and therefore limited number of scholarships available for Western countries. Being a huge country with a lot of universities catering for the very large population in China, there are many opportunities available for International students in China which they are now exploring.

If you know where to search and how to undertake the entire process, there is a very high chance that you will be successful at the end of the day and will therefore, will be able to successfully land a scholarship in China.

  • Foreword on the Scholarships offered in China

The scholarships are awarded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) on behalf of the Ministry of Education in China, and have the aim of strengthening bilateral relations between the People of China and the rest of the world.

There are many kinds of scholarships offered in different disciplines, so you have to pick and choose which one you are applying for, according to your interests and requirements.

There are 94 institutions of education for which the scholarships are awarded with more than 300 courses available for study.

Also, the scholarships are offered at all levels of the hierarchy, such as undergraduate, post-graduate, etc.

The award of a full scholarship includes waiver for the successful student of his tuition fee, his registration fee, expenses for textbooks, for practicals in case of science related disciplines, for internships, for boarding and lodging, expenses for travel within the city, as well as award of a stipend for general expenses. However, the exact details vary with different scholarships.

There are also partial scholarships which are awarded which have some of the features of a full scholarship but do not include all of the benefits of a full scholarship.

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  • Chinese Language

Be advised that Chinese Language is the medium of instruction in all of the universities in China since the Chinese have a very positive mindset towards their language and civilization and so they prefer it over other languages.

If you are able to secure a scholarship for China, you will first have to learn the Chinese Language for about one to two years so that you can get fluent in it and then start taking regular, degree related courses in China.

However, along with a command in the Chinese Language, you are also required to be proficient in the English Language for purposes of the scholarship program.

  • Application

To apply for a scholarship for China, what the interested candidate has to do is to log onto the CSConline application portal at

The applicant will have to register himself by creating an account for himself and then logging into the system using those login details.

The next step is for him to start reading the online application guide for filling out the application form for applying to scholarships.

Then, keeping those instructions in mind, the applicant will have to carefully fill out the application form by entering his personal data as well as that relating to his education so far.

The next step in the process is for him to preview the form for any errors or omissions on his part and then to submit the form online but also to download the finished form and make two hard copies of it.

These two copies of the application form will have to be couple with duplicate copies of all the other required documents and to dispatch them to the relevant authorities via postal mail.

The student will then proceed to apply for his visa to stay in China as he will require a study visa for his stay in China while studying on a scholarship.