Spouse visa for UK: What do you need to know?

Many of those people who are married and are working in the UK try to move to the United Kingdom with their families but to do that, they need to apply for a spouse visa first of all.

A spouse visa for UK is actually the visa sought by the spouse of a UK citizen who is settled in the UK after having migrated there. Since the spouse of the UK citizen is married to him/her, he/she has the right to apply for a spouse visa so the couple can both stay together in the UK.

As the spouse, you are allowed to work in the UK if your application for a spouse visa is successful.

You are also entitled to study in the UK on the basis of a spouse visa and if you have children whom you want to bring along with you to the UK, you have permission to do that too.

  • Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a spouse visa for the UK there are certain conditions that you are required to meet, failing which, you will not be able to apply or the visa.

o   You must be legally married to your spouse with legal proof that you must have available with yourself.

o   You and your spouse both must not be less than 18 years of age since this is the minimum age at which any individual can apply for a spouse visa.

o   Both you and your spouse must have the intention to live in the UK together and permanently as this is an essential requirement if you are to be granted a spouse visa.

o   There isa minimum income level requirement s which your spouse who is a naturalized citizen of the UK has to meet if he is to call you to the UK to live with him with child dependents, if any. Your spouse in the UK must have a minimum annual income of approximately 19,000 Pounds. If he or she does not have that amount of annual income, then, he or she must have savings up to a level that are deemed as sufficient by the UK immigration to allow your application to proceed.

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o   Your spouse also has to have accommodation such that he can easily manage you and himself along with any dependents that you may be taking with you to the UK.

o   You as the spouse who has filed the application for the visa must meet the minimum English Language requirements so that you can communicate properly with the immigration officials and with the general public during your stay in the UK.


  • Application procedure

The application process for the spouse visa application requires of you to fill out the forms and submit them either by post or in person at the UK embassy in your country.

Along with the forms, you are also required to submit the fee for the application which varies if you are or if you are not intending to take child depend entsalong with you.

If you are planning to travel alone to the UK, the processing fee for the spouse visa application is (601) Pounds, while if you are planning to travel with dependents, then, the processing fee is (601) Pounds per dependent so you will have to make a little calculation before you submit the fees.


  • Wait Period for the spouse visa for UK

The wait period for receiving a final decision about your application for a spouse visa is (8) weeks so you will have to be patient and wait for a verdict from the immigration officials visà your visa application.