Testing your fortune for a scholarship for USA

There are a huge number of universities in the US and therefore a very high number of International students who study in these universities along with national, US based citizens. There are scholarships that are made available to international students so that they can afford to study in the US as education in these universities can be as high as 20,000 USD annually!

There are very few universities which offer need based scholarships to international students; most of the scholarships offered are on the basis of merit, not based on need.

So, here we take a look at the rules and regulations governing the award of these scholarships for USA since there are a large number of applicants for them and so rules have been devised to straighten the application process.

  • Searching for the right scholarship

The first step in the process is for you to ascertain which amongst the list of scholarships is right for you and therefore which one should you go for. This is very important because there are different kinds of scholarships that are available for different levels and disciplines and even different countries, so you have to pick and choose the one that is right for you.

  • Eligibility

For the scholarship that you have chosen, the next step is for you to check if you are eligible for it according to its eligibility criterion. This includes your academic performance so far, extracurricular activities, your experience especially for postgraduate scholarships, any other skills that are required, etc.

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  • Information

If you are eligible for a particular scholarship, the next step then is to fill out the application form and give out all the relevant information that is demanded of you. You must check that the information your provide is correct and accurate such as dates, your contact details, information about your siblings if it is required and you must make sure that there are no grammatical mistake sin it such as in spellings for your name, et cetera.

  • Essay

While filling out your application, you will be required to write an essay outlining why you seek to study and what are your plans for the future if you are able to complete the degree, or there might be a general topic that you are asked to write on. Make sure that you think over it well before writing it; a good idea would be to jot down the main points before you write it in detail and then to make a very good presentation of the essay by dividing it into different segments such as an intro, main body and then a pleasant, sense making conclusive ending.

  • References

The next step is for you to provide references for your application such as your past or current teachers who will refer you for a scholarship. If you have a good reference, it can make a good impact on your chances of landing a scholarship, and so it is very important that you complete this step of the application process as required.

  • Deadlines

Very important to keep in mind, you must never forget the deadlines for submission of your application because that would be tantamount to wasting all the effort that you have already made on your application. You must make a list of all the deadlines that you have to follow as there may be more than one deadline that is to be followed. You must make good use of post-it notes and paste them on your desktop so that they are consistently in your eye view and that you do not forget any of them by mistake even.