What are the acts you need to know for Immigration for Australia?

There are many hopefuls each year who are looking to migrate to Australia but all of them may not know the proper procedure to apply for immigration for Australia. As a result, their application may suffer and there is a chance that they are not granted immigration to Australia.

So, here are some solid facts that you need to know when you apply to immigrate to Australia. There is a high chance that you may benefit by having knowledge of this information in advance, info about you should and should not do during your application for immigration to Australia.

Therefore, there is a high chance that your application for immigration may get approved by the Australian immigration department if you take the right approach to your application by takin help from the information here.

  • Categories of immigration

There are many kinds of categories which an individual can choose from when applying for immigration to Australia, such as business migrants, skilled workers migrants, family migrants such as spouses and dependent children, employer nominated migrants, so on and so forth.

  • Collecting your original documents together


Once you have decided which category of immigration you are going to apply into, the next step in the process is to collect all of your original documents which you will have to show to the immigration officials. These documents include your educational certificates, your birth certificate, your passport, character certificate, health certificate, et cetera.


  • Original documents and certification


Unless you have been asked to do so, do not mail your original documents to the embassy.


However, if you have been requested to submit your original documents, be advised that you may need to certify your original documents before you submit them but there are only certain occupations through which a certification maybe made. The list of occupations would be made available to you so that you can choose and pick the most convenient one to get your documents certified from

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You must make sure that you make a copy of all the documents which you submit to the embassy just in case.


  • Fees


The fees for the immigration application would have to be paid along with your documents and application. The fees for each application may vary according to the category of immigration that you have chosen to apply for. Also, the fees may vary from one country to another.


You can pay the fees in person when you submit your documents or online over the internet through your credit card, whichever suits you best.


There are also certain exemptions that are awarded in certain cases, so, when paying your fees, it would be a good if you check for them to see if they apply to you before paying so you can benefit with a reduction or waiver in your processing fees.


  • Forms

The application forms for immigration to Australia are available both online as well as in paper. So, choose the means that suits you best so that you are comfortable in filling out the forms and submitting them.

Double check all of your information prior to submission so that you can do away with errors and omissions you made unknowingly while filling out the forms.

  • Appeals

In case your application for immigration to Australia has bene turned down, you have the right to lodge an appeal against the decision.

Your appeal will be reviewed by the administrative appeals unit that overseas all appeals against decisions made by immigration officials.

The letter you get which informs you of the rejection of your application will also let you know where you can file and appeals against the decision if you are interested.