What is the process for a spouse visa for Canada?

There is a large number of expatriates working in Canada and sending a good amount of remittance back home as Canada has a strong economy which support snot only the local citizens but also those who come from other countries in search for better prospective in Canada.

If you are the spouse of any of the expatriates working in Canada, then, you may rightfully have a desire on your part to travel to Canada and be united with your spouse along with any children that you may have.

Here is what you need to know before applying for a spouse visa for Canada.

Be advised that you can only be allowed to travel to Canada on a spouse visa if the immigration officials determine that your spouse living in Canada has the means and the resources to support not only him but also you and possibly any of your dependent children for a good amount of time in Canada.

  • Determine your eligibility

The first step in the process is for you to determine if you indeed are eligible to apply for a spouse visa for Canada.

What do you need to do to determine your eligibility?

All those who are intending to travel to Canada on a spouse visa must have criminal, medical as well as background checks and they have to pass each one of them successfully according to the Canadian immigration standards.

It is possible that if an individual is found to be involved in criminal activities in the past, he or she may be denied a spouse visa to Canada.

Every intending spouse may also be required to have a certificate from the Police that clearly states that they are free from any kind of criminal tag on them.

  • Apply for a Spouse Visa

There are two steps in this step, one of which is to be completed by your spouse in Canada, while the other is to be completed by you.

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The first step is for your spouse in Canada to apply to sponsor you to travel to Canada by filing an application with the Case Processing Center (CPC) in Canada.

The second thing which you must do is that you should apply for permanent residence in Canada, whether for yourself, if you are traveling alone, or for yourself and any dependents that you may intend to take along.

Both of these applications, one by you and the other by your spouse must be submitted at the same time, just keep that in mind.

  • Check for Visa Processing Times

The next thing for you to do would be to check for how long it will take for your visa application to be processed and when will you be informed of the final decision regarding it.

  • Next Steps in the process

If your spouse has been approved to sponsor you and you have also been granted a permanent residency in Canada, you will be informed off this decision in writing by the immigration officials.

However, an important point to note is that there are possibilities such that either of the two applications is accepted which means that either you have been granted permanent residency but your sponsorship has been declined or vice versa.

In that case, you will have to decide what course of action to take; you will also have the right to appeal against any decisions regarding your spouse visa application for Canada made by the concerned officials.

  • Prepare for your arrival in Canada

If both of your applications have been approved, the next and final step would be for you to prepare for your arrival in Canada by checking that all your travel documents are valid and having to answer a few questions regarding your travel to Canada, so on and so forth.