What you need to keep in mind when applying for a spouse visa for Denmark

Denmark is a very rich country and virtue of its financial stability; it is home to a large number of expatriates who come looking for work and prospects in this country. The country has an economy that can support a lot of expatriates and so is counted amongst the popular immigrant destinations now.

When an expatriate leaves for work in Denmark and is granted citizenship in the country, his next goal now is to bring his family to live with him in Denmark, given that he wishes to stay there permanently.

Therefore, in this write-up we shed some light on how a spouse of a Danish citizen can get a spouse visa for Denmark.

  • Eligibility criteria

There are certain rules and relations that govern the award of a spouse visa, failing which; you might not be able to get a spouse visa for Denmark.

o   Both you and your spouse living in Denmark should at least be 24 years of ae and not younger than that. However, if any of the spouses is 23 and half years of age, he may be allowed to apply for the visa. Also, the waiver to the 24 year age limit may be granted in certain circumstances.

o   Your spouse in Denmark should be financially stable such that he or she is able to support himself as well as you if you are ranted your spouse visa, and possible also any dependent children if you have any.

o   Your spouse must have adequate housing facility in Denmark to accommodate him as well as you and any dependent children, if at all.

o   Your spouse must be able to show at least 50,000 Danish kroner in his bank statement, which are deemed to be sufficient enough to support a family by a sponsor.

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o   Your marriage must be registered as valid under the terms and conditions of Dutch law so that there is no discrepancy in the fact that you are legally married with your spouse residing in Denmark.

o   Your marriage with your spouse must have taken place with your own will and desire and there should be no incidence of a forced marriage, probably for the sake of acquiring a spouse visa to Denmark.

o   Your spouse living in Denmark must not have been found guilty of any abuse or violent behavior against a former spouse that he may have had. The period in which this condition applies extends back ten years prior to your marriage with your current spouse.


  • Application Process

The application process for a spouse visa to Denmark entails you acquiring the application forms for the visa application, filing them out, and submitting them to the Danish embassy in your country, along with all needed documentation.

There are four different application forms so you must choose the one relevant to you. The application forms differ according to whether or not you are taking children along with you to Denmark. Also, the application forms differ according to whether you are younger or older than 18 years of age.

A good idea would be to consult the concerned embassy staff to know which forms apply to you so that there is no confusion on your part.

Moreover, there are guideline sgiven with each application packet which you must read thoroughly before filling out the forms.

  • Fees and interview

The next few steps are for you to submit your fees for processing of your application and ten to prepare for the interview that you will have to give at the Danish embassy so that a final decision regarding your application can be made.