Why should you travel to and start your study in China?

China is the second biggest economy in the world and has a lot of growth taking place in its economy as it is also the fastest growing economy in the past 30 years.

These are amongst the strongest reasons you can find to travel to China and complete a degree there and possibly also look for employment in that country. There is reason to believe that the growth of the Chinese economy will continue into the near future and hence there are high economic prospects for anyone living in China.

  • Quality of Education

First and foremost is the fact that the quality of education offered in China is one of the best in the world as China is home to some of the leading institutions worldwide, which can be compared with the best institutions in countries such as USA, UK, Canada and elsewhere. That is why annually roughly 10 million people apply for admission into Universities in China and that number is expected to grow in the near future.

  • Affordable

Very importantly, studying in China is much cheaper relative to studying in Europe or North America and this is a huge factor by all means.

Traveling, studying and especially accommodation costs are much lower as compared to living in, say the United Kingdom.

The cheap currency of China also has a very active role to play in the lower costs that international students have to bear.

These lower costs coupled with a high standard of education make for an excellent combination such that many international students with modest means are now looking towards China for acquiring undergraduate or post graduate education abroad.

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  • High number of job opportunities

China is home to the biggest manufacturing industries in the world as it manufactures everything from toys to shoes to cars to plastic crockery so there are tremendous job opportunities in China for job seekers.

There are ample opportunities for fresh graduates to apply to when they graduate from their universities so that they can earn a decent living for themselves as well as support their families.

So the job market is not a worrisome factor when it comes to looking for work in China and this again is undoubtedly an excellent thing about China.

  • Unique culture

Apart from other things, China has a unique culture that will surely catch your attention and you will enjoy your stay in China traveling and exploring the country whenever you get the time during your semester breaks.

There are over twenty different ethnic minority groups in China and so you will get a glimpse of many of the traditions of these minority groups when you fly off for studying in China.

China also has a rich history that dates back to centuries and so you will get to visit a lot of historical monuments in the country as well and you might as well enjoy that a lot too.

In addition, you will be required to learn the Chinese language for a year or two if you are to study in China. This is because Chinese language is the medium of instruction in all universities in China. You can’t do without the Chines language so it is mandatory to learn it before enrolling in any university course there.

Learning this new language will itself be a new and fascinating experience for you as you will learn a whole lot of new accents, pronunciations, meanings and terms. It would be like opening up to a whole new world or words and meanings which were all unknown to you entirely before you came across his new language.