Wishing to get a work visa for Denmark

Denmark is a now a hot favorite country for those looking to immigrate to another country in search of a much better career growth for themselves. The country has a lot of job opportunities and thousands of expatriates are already employed on these jobs, earning a good amount of income for their own selves and their families, whether in Denmark or back home in their country of origin.

This is the reason why many other prospective immigrants are interested in migrating to Denmark so that they can also have a share for themselves by having the chance to earn good bread and butter for their families.

  • Case order and ID fee

The first step in the application process for a work visa for Denmark is that you have to create for yourself a case order and also to pay the fees for the processing of your application which is non-refundable.

The case order is created so that your application can be connected with the relevant fee that you have paid and the biometrics which are required of you so that nothing gets jingled up with each other.

The fee that you pay must be the exact amount because as much trouble as you can get yourself into for paying less than the right amount, you can get yourself into the same amount of trouble by paying more than the requisite amount, so be careful when you pay your fees!

  • Biometrics

The second step is for you to record the biometrics for your application which is essentially your facial image as well as your fingerprints. The biometrics are necessary because they are used to identify you and are stored on a digital chip that is attested to the residence card you are issued. Recording your biometrics is extremely important for your application because your application cannot move forward if they are not recorded and stored.

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  • Submitting your application online

The online application is most suited to applicants who are applying for a work visa for Denmark while they themselves are based outside of Denmark.

This is the quickest and the most convenient feature to apply for a work visa if you are an international applicant.

  • Applying in person

You can also apply for your work visa for Denmark in person if you so wish.

If you are applying outside of Denmark and you have a Danish embassy in your country, well and good, but if you do not, then, you can submit you application at either the Swedish embassy or the Norwegian embassy because Denmark has a representation agreement with these countries for countries where Denmark does not maintain an official presence. Therefore, either of these two embassies will be representing Denmark for you and they will take care of your application from there on after you submit it.

Also, if you are legally inside Denmark, such as on a visit visa, etcetera, you may apply for a work visa and in person at the Danish immigration office, attaching all relevant documents along with your application.

  • Rejection of your work visa application

In case your application for a work visa in Denmark has been turned down, you reserve the right to appeal against the decision. You can contact the Danish immigration authorities for details on where and how to challenge the decision made by the immigration officials.

  • Approval of your application

If your application for a work visa has been granted, you should now get ready to book your ticket as well as pack your things and make all other necessary arrangements to fly to Denmark and start working there. Good Luck!