Immigration for Canada

Canada is undoubtedly a very beautiful country which is also one of the most peaceful in the world and has been enjoying a high rate of immigration in the past few decades. Thousands of immigrants from around the world like to immigrate to Canada for a better and prosperous future.

Many people choose to select Canada to migrate to because they have seen others who have already migrated to Canada and who are spending a very prosperous life there and so they are tempted to join them and live a peaceful and comfortable life themselves in that North African country.

  • Are you admissible?

The first step in the process of applying to immigration for Canada is to determine if you are admissible to apply for it.

This is because there are certain individuals who have been defined as “inadmissible” by the Canadian government, which means that they cannot be allowed entry into Canada.

Amongst the factors because of which certain individuals may be denied entry in to Canada include reasons such as security, human or international rights violations, criminality, organized criminality, health grounds, financial reasons, misrepresentations, a family member who is inadmissible, et cetera.

  • Apply for immigration

The next step is to apply for immigration for Canada once you k now that you ARE admissible and can therefore apply for any category that best suits you.

Amongst the list of categories which any applicant can choose to apply to Canada for immigration include the following categories:

o   federal skilled workers

o   federal skilled trades program

o   Quebec-selected skilled workers

o   for Canadian Experienced class

o   for start-up visa

o   self-employed persons program

o   family sponsorship

o   provincial nominees

o   live-in caregivers

o   refugees

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  • Preparing yourself to live in Canada

The next step is quite exhaustive in that you have to make a lot of preparations in this step so as to prepare yourself to take up life in Canada head-on.

The first thing you need to do is to find a job in Canada so that you can arrange for your livelihood there.

Second, you need to get your credentials assessed by the immigration officials because there is a point system based evaluation set out by the department. You have to know if the degree which you have earned, as well as the work experience you have, if it counts in the point system and if it does, how many points does it earn you?

Next, you have to calculate how much it will cost you to live in Canada and also to make a decision about the city you want to live into depending on the economic activity, weather, the presence of your community in that city, et cetera.

Also, you have to learn about the Canadian lifestyle by reading as much about it as you possibly can so that you can adjust to daily life in Canada very easily.

You must also have command over English Language or French language so that you do not have any difficulty communicating in your everyday life there.

You must also know what you can bring to Canada when you fly to Canada for the very first time and also, to bring the right documents with you. If you need any help adjusting to life in Canada, you can always ask for help from the locals there.

  • Using a representative

When applying for immigration to Canada, you can either see through the application process yourself or hire a lawyer or an immigration consultant to assist you and also represent you. However, be advised that hiring somebody to work on your behalf will not guarantee that your immigration application is approved or that it is granted special status by the immigration officials.